Bridal showers are a time-honored wedding tradition with origin stories dating back to 16th-century Holland when a young girl's father refused to provide a dowry to a marriage he disapproved of. The town got together and offered small gifts to help her start her home without the dowry money. The core of the tradition has somewhat held up over the years, and today, we typically shower couples with gifts for the home.

As a longtime favorite pre-wedding event, bridal showers can be both exciting and daunting to plan for. From finding a location and choosing the shower decorations to picking a gift the couple will love, this guide has got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know to plan the perfect bridal shower. 

Bridal showers can be held almost anywhere. For a low-key event, throw it at someone's  home. If you want to go out, book a restaurant or another venue. If you all have the means to do so, you can even have a destination bridal shower.

Wedding showers are almost always held before the big day. Traditionally, it's recommended to host the bridal shower anywhere between five months and two weeks before the wedding. So don't delay and book your photographer today.